The Blockchain, Productive Economy and Society

Written by Anna Vicent
12 Feb, 2018


Last Friday, KingEclient and PIMEC Catalunya Central held a conference meant to introduce blockchain technologies to small and medium-sized enterprises.


KingEclient’s experts tried to drive the attention away from cryptocurrencies and speculation and place it into the potential of Blockchain technologies. During the presentation, our colleagues explained the context in which these technologies appeared and tried to illustrate the main value propositions of both the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains. After that, our speakers talked about the power of Smart Contracts and its wide range of applications into the real world.


Although we focused on the positive aspects of the technology, we also tackled some of its technical issues - such as scalability, interoperability, energy consumption and mining cartels - as well as some of the most likely stoppers for the adoption of the blockchain.


From left to right, Jordi Obradors, PIMEC Director in Central Catalonia, Guillem Gómez, Digital Business Analyst in KingEclient, and Albert Nicolau, Program Manager in KingEclient.  


We at KingEclient believe that this technology is here to stay and will transform the experience of sending, managing and storing value as we know it. 

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